About Us

Our journey to producing more natural, pasture-raised, farm to table products began unbeknownst to us more than twenty years ago.  We have two daughters, both of whom had compromised immune systems and when the pediatrician recommended putting our youngest on Ritalin before she was even three years old due to extreme ADHD, we knew we had to try something different.  Our oldest daughter developed psoriasis around the same time and after no success trying to get it under control through topical treatments, we thought that both issues had to some how be related to diet and/or environment.  

Changing to naturally raised, whole foods brought great success with both girls’ health issues! 

Over the years, we recognized that even though products were labeled as natural – they weren’t always what they purported to be.  We eventually realized that the only way to be certain would be to grow it ourselves!  So in 2014 we purchased nearly 1500 acres on the Saint Mary’s River and began converting it to agriculture where we now have pasture-raised beef that we can feel confident we know where it came from.   

While we did not realize it at the time, our long journey and dedication to a more natural way of life would lead to providing farm-to-table products you can trust for your family.  Rest assured, from our farm to your table, Spread Oak Farm to Table will provide the utmost care in delivering delicious nutrition to you and yours. -Ed & Becky